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The Street Between the Pines

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A Gulf War Veteran struggling to make ends meet discovers a connection between a deadly beast in his neighborhood and an old pharmaceutical facility across the river.

A strange creature lurks between the pines of Forest Street.

Since the deadly DUI that ruined his life, Curtis Reynolds has long since struggled with sleep deprivation, debt, a failing marriage, and, frankly, justifying his own existence.  But when his elderly neighbor is murdered, the Gulf War Veteran returns home to Forest Street, where a dangerous encounter sends him spiraling.
Battling insomnia and PTSD induced visions, Curtis begins an investigation of a mysterious monster, falling down a rabbit hole of folk mythology, government conspiracy, and ghosts from his past that threaten to destroy his fragile psyche and, possibly, all he holds dear.

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in the weeds

An Episodic Comedy-Drama 

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A mid-thirties server who reenters the restaurant industry after a failed career, struggles with fear, loathing, and life complacency whilst falling for a young, new employee, who tries to wake him from his slump.

Imagine SCRUBS, but darker, amusingly violent, and in a restaurant....

JORDAN RUSSO (Jordy) wasn’t born a cynic, but is driven there by eight straight years in the service industry. Previously burned out by a career in commercial real estate where he was fired, Jordan has taken up semi-lucrative employment in a pretentious, east coast shoreline restaurant where he is now burning out and approaching a mid-life crisis. The start of the summer, takes an immediate turn for the worse when the floor manager is fired, and Jordy’s friend—and restaurant manager—dies of a sudden heart attack, before prospectively offering the floor manage position. And just as things couldn’t look grimmer going into the busy season, the General Manager of Operations, DAVID KOPINSKI takes the reigns, disrupting the carefree status quo.

The only glimmer of hope for Jordan is GEMMA—a graduate student—who takes employment as hostess, whilst she, herself, works through her own obstacles and adjustment to incoming change. The two of them form a relationship which starts to ignite change in his personality and begins to motivate him to leave the misery of the restaurant business and pursue a different, more fulfilling path.

As his internal dialog and violent fantasies take hold, the summer season will become a true testament to his patients and mental fortitude to emotionally juggle the unpredictable day-to-day grind with eccentric, millennial coworkers, short-sighted managers, pretentious customers, but largely his own insecurities.  

Misery Plaza

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A widowed man with a notorious past unearths a possible Civil War relic and discovers its terrifying secret all while pursued by bounty hunters and the U.S. Cavalry in 1880s New Mexico.

There’s no more country for old men like William Potter, notorious outlaw, Rebellion War deserter, and murderer. This self-proclaimed immortal man realizes his time is finally running out... after the death of his wife and a troubling encounter with an old acquaintance, Potter is provoked to flee with his two children to the quiet village of Missouri Plaza. However, he soon finds the refuge is not as peaceful as he had hoped as he discovers the village isn’t much more than a mysterious haven for the eccentric and the unsavory.

Potter’s attempt to keep a low profile is thwarted when he gets entangled in a violent encounter and finds himself hunted by both the U.S. Cavalry and notorious bounty hunter and timekeeper Tynan Duncan. A glimmer of hope appears when Potter discovers what he believes to be a buried warship in his backyard, but this discovery leads to unexpected and terrifying consequences, as a supernatural presence guarding a valuable treasure is unleashed. As the horrors of the town close in on him, Potter must confront his past and protect his family while evading capture, or even worse, death.

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