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Novel Release Date!!

Helloooo my lovely Dark Copers, my Phobophiles...

The time has finally arrived, and a release date of March 14th has been set! The ebook is live for pre-order. The print version will be live later in the week once my cover designer finishes the final touches. Paperback and hardcover editions will release one week before the ebook on March 7th!

I have sent all of my current followers the Advanced Reader Copy today. One condition: if you read it between now and the release date, all I ask is you leave a review on Amazon. You will be able to once the paperback goes live on the 7th!

For the rest of you, sign up for email updates, perks, and giveaways! Subscribers will get a copy of the award-winning screenplay, and at some point, the first chapter of Misery Plaza...

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy your visit to the street between the pines...


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